Brace Yourself: BMW Finally Tells Us The M2's Price And Release Date

2016 Detroit Auto Show / 51 Comments

This car couldn't come soon enough.

At BMW's Detroit Auto Show press conference, after the typical gushing over "heritage" and "pride," the star of the show materialized itself in the form of a blue coupe. We've already heard the stunning features of this enthusiast's wet dream, but BMW left us anxious to find out what the release date and price was. So if you're getting ready to ask your sugar mamma/daddy for an M2, make sure they cut the check for $51,700, unless of course you want some of the sure-to-be-pricey features that will come optional on the two-door hot rod.

Christmas has already come and gone, but if you don't mind a late present, the first batch of M2s will make their way onto public roads in April of 2016. Now what justifies the M2's $7,650 premium over the epic M235i? Apparently 45 extra horsepower, an "M Dynamic Mode" that lets driver and computer cooperate to make black lines on tarmac, and an M active differential to aid this process. BMW M fans like to argue about which M was the best, but for fans of the E46 M3, the M2 should manage to satisfy any complaints they have on modern Ms. This is because the new M2 is nearly identical in dimensions to the E46, making the new M2 a perfect way to go back in time and relive the best days of BMW.

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