Bracelet Made Of Michael Schumacher's F1 Tires Costs $10,000

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The jewelry also consists of 950 platinum pieces and seven diamonds.

We've heard of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 cars being put on sale, but this limited-edition MZ96 bracelet, courtesy of Mongrip, is perhaps among the most unique items from the seven-time F1 champion.

No, the bracelet was not something Schumacher wore back in his racing days. Instead, the item is made from the tires he used in the Ferrari F310B during a home race at Monza in 1996 - the year he moved to Scuderia Ferrari. He won the Italian Grand Prix the following year, though he failed to grab the Drivers' Championship during that season. Ferrari was struggling before Schumi found success with the Italian team, but what he achieved with it since makes that first season all the more noteworthy.

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Weighing 30 grams, the MZ96 platinum bracelet has a subtle design and distinct elements, including the dragon emblem Schumacher used on his helmet designs. The item is also finished with seven diamonds, referencing his seven F1 Championships won in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Interested individuals are offered personalization options, including modifying the size for a perfect fit. Engraving is also among the options, allowing buyers to put a maximum of 16 characters on the back of the clasp. This process, however, adds 10 additional days to the delivery time. As you can tell, this is not some mass-produced piece of rubber.

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Mongrip offers the MZ96 for €9,600 (or about $10,440 at current exchange rates), making it relatively cheap; the F2003-GA sold for a record-breaking $14.87 million. That money can already get you the complete road-going lineup of Ferrari, including the Purosangue, with millions still to spare.

The first batch of seven bracelets will be available on December 7. Meanwhile, the availability of the second batch has yet to be announced.

But if you are not a massive fan of Schumacher, you may want to consider the Ayrton Senna Legend Limited Edition - 18K Rose Gold from Mongrip. Priced at €4,400 ($4,785), the item consists of 161 pieces as a nod to the three-time F1 champion's total completed F1 races.

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