Brad Pitt And Sir Lewis Hamilton Team Up For Formula 1 Movie

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Pitt will star, Hamilton will consult.

Rumors about a possible Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt have circulated since mid-December last year. The stories also suggest that Sir Lewis Hamilton will act as a consultant.

According to Empire, the project is confirmed, with Apple reportedly dropping $130 to $140 million to buy the pitch. Empire also states that Paramount, MGM, Sony, Netflix, and Amazon wanted in on this project, but Apple sealed the deal with that large chunk of cold hard cash.

The untitled project has to result from a renewed interest in F1 racing, thanks to Liberty Media's groundbreaking coverage and all-access shows like Netflix's Drive To Survive.

Thanks to the high level of entertainment, the average age of an F1 viewer has dropped to 32. Most brands would kill to gain access to this age bracket. Not only do they adopt early, but they have money to spend as well.

Marcos Filleti/YouTube
Marcos Filleti/YouTube
Marcos Filleti/YouTube

The film's plot is still under wraps, but there is a basic outline. Brad Pitt plays a retired veteran racer, returning to the sport to mentor a young rookie. If you look at the screengrabs of Pitt from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you'll note he has a perfect look for the role. He's like a beefier, much sexier version of James Hunt. We also know he has a thing for custom motorcycles, and an Aston Martin Vanquish.

Now, we know what you're thinking. We've seen this movie before. It was called Driven, and it starred Sly Stallone. Driven is a good popcorn movie but hardly an accurate portrayal of open-wheel racing.

The team behind this project is a bit more serious. First, the man in charge of the script is Ehren Kruger. His resume includes Top Gun: Maverick, Ghost in the Shell, three Transformers movies (everyone makes mistakes), The Ring, Arlington Road, and Scream 3. That's a wide variety of genres, so writing a dramatic tale of overcoming adversity within the racing world shouldn't be too hard.

Mercedes-AMG F1
Lewis Hamilton/Instagram

Most importantly, Joseph Kosinski is on board to direct. He only has nine movies to his name, but almost all of them have been high-impact action with a dash of drama thrown in for those who want more than just stuff exploding. His work includes Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, Only the Brave, and the new Top Gun movie.

Motorsport movies have been quite hot over the last few years, starting with Rush and, more recently, Ford v Ferrari/Le Mans '66.

With Lewis Hamilton signed on as a consultant, you can be sure the action will be accurate both on and off the track. Hamilton can provide valuable information with regards to racing, but also the complicated relationship between teammates.

As the movie doesn't have a script yet, we'll likely only see it in around two to three years.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team/YouTube
Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1
Source Credits: Empire

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