Brad Pitt's F1 Movie Will Shoot On Race Weekends In 2023

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This is going to be as realistic as possible.

Thanks to the success of Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the F1 world has attracted hordes more supporters and fans who may otherwise never have even watched a single race. And the sport's fanbase is only set to swell even further with the news earlier this year that Keanu Reeves is making an F1 documentary about the Brawn GP team that gave Jenson Button his first and only World Championship title.

As if that isn't exciting enough, Brad Pitt is joining forces with Sir Lewis Hamilton to make an F1 film that is touted to become the racing equivalent of Top Gun: Maverick. And just as Tom Cruise's film used real fighter planes, Brad Pitt's flick will shoot on race weekends, with all the drivers and teams part of the action.

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Academy Award-winner Brad Pitt was spotted in the McLaren garage at last weekend's Texas Grand Prix, but he did not engage with any media as he was not there to promote any of his current or upcoming films. It seems he was doing homework and getting a better feel for what F1 teams go through on the weekend, but what else do we know?

Speaking with, Formula 1 CEO Stephano Domenicali revealed that we will see Pitt's film begin shooting at race weekends in the second half of 2023, which suggests that the returning Las Vegas Grand Prix could be part of the spectacle:

"We are already planning all the activity and the activation that needs to be done in a real race weekend; we're going to start in the second half of the season for the production," said Domenicali.

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Domenicali also explained how F1 believes that this film will help the sport grow and enable it to be explored more deeply. "You will see a lot of things will happen next year on the preparation, and it's exciting because all the teams will be involved, the drivers, everyone," promised the CEO.

When asked if the flick would have its own stunt cars on the track between official sessions, he responded: "The only thing I can say is it will be real, so you will see something going on during the race weekends." He also noted that the current field and their respective current sponsors are eager to participate. Aston Martin's Vantage F1 safety car will likely get some of the spotlight too.

"They will be there, the real ones, that will be involved in the movie. And now there are discussions with the teams how to create the plan with the story, although, of course, this is done by Hollywood," said Domenicali.

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Does this mean it won't be a realistic film? Thanks to Sir Lewis, no. As a producer for the film, Hamilton will surely guarantee a level of authenticity that may otherwise not be possible. Domenicali explains that this is worth getting excited for.

"Lewis will be very important because he loves this new project, and he will keep the right authenticity to the movie that will be produced. I guarantee to you that the producer is the best in Hollywood, the director is one of the best in Hollywood, and the main actor, Brad Pitt, doesn't need to have any kind of introduction," said Domenicali.

The F1 CEO also teased that we can expect more of this sort of thing in the future: "Movies will be part of what we're going to build for the future to attract a new audience."

While most details are being kept secret at this point, this looks like it will be a film worth waiting for.

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