Bradley Cooper Takes Lead Role In Steven Spielberg's Bullitt Reboot

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Is it a good idea to reboot Bullitt?

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper has been cast as the lead role of Detective Frank Bullitt in Steven Spielberg's upcoming reboot of the classic detective film.

As we know, Hollywood ran out of ideas for original content a while back, and the latest classic to be revamped for the modern age is the timeless classic Bullitt. This may sound controversial, but Bullitt is not a great movie. Yes, it has an epic 11-minute car chase through the streets of San Francisco, but the rest is fairly generic. Go ahead. Try and remember why Detective Frank Bullitt was actually trying to escape from the baddies in the Dodge Charger 440 Magnum.

Who could possibly take over from Steve McQueen? The man has the best oversteer face we've ever seen. He makes drifting a '68 Mustang look easier than mowing a lawn. The answer is Bradley Cooper. Sure, scoff if you want, but Cooper is gold. By now, he's established himself as an actor with serious range. Plus, he has that scruffy look required to play Detective Frank Bullitt.

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As for the cars, Frank will obviously drive the inevitable new Mustang Bullitt. Now that Dodge has gone EV, the baddies may opt for the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept EV. We know it already has a starring role in the upcoming Fast & Furious movie, so why not use it in the Bullitt reboot too?

Living up to the iconic 11-minute chase will be tough, though. It was 11 glorious minutes of Steve McQueen in a Mustang being chased down by an equally powerful car. It all came down to McQueen's more advanced driving skills, and there was something special about watching real actors power sliding a car around a corner. And let's not forget that Peter Yates (director) was smart enough not to dub any music over this powerful scene. You only hear the V8 engines and the tires squealing from all the punishment.

That's something we'd love to see done right.

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We jest, but there is a powerful team behind this movie. Cooper proved that a remake could be Oscar-worthy. If you've seen A Star is Born, you'll know. Steven Spielberg will direct (he needs no introduction), and the remaining members of the McQueen family have been roped in to provide guidance.

Josh Singer is in charge of the script; his recent accomplishments have nothing to do with cars, but movies like Spotlight, The Post, and The Fabelmans prove that the man knows how to tell a story.

Not that the bar is very high at the moment. Fast 9 got more than two hours out of two brothers having a spat and Ludacris going to space in a Pontiac Fiero.

Only the casting details are known, but we're sure more leaks will follow soon enough.


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