Brand New 1990 Toyota Supra Is STILL For Sale

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Can someone PLEASE buy this!

So how many miles should be on a Japanese sports car from 1990? 100,000-200,000? The one in question, a beautiful almost-mint red 1990 Toyota Supra is being sold in Canada, so using the Canadian national average miles driven per year as of 2014, which should be around 12,000, after some quick math comes out to around the 300,000 mile mark. Fair enough. So how many has this Supra racked up in the last year? Absolutely zero. For some reason, that means the car is worth even more now that some time has gone by.

It's as if the one and only journey it has ever been on was halfway to Grandma's cabin and then turning back because the driver forgot their sweater that Grandma knitted. The asking price is now around $70,000, $5,000 more than it was over one year ago. That may sound ludicrous for a car that originally had an MSRP of $22,000, but considering that cars from the '60s that drove off the lot for less than $5,000 are now going for over $100,000, it's not such a crazy idea. In fact, this Supra may be living proof that classic cars come in all shapes and sizes, and aren't limited to American muscle. This car is beautiful though, as it should be. After all it's not every day that a 1990 Supra with less than 100 original miles is up for sale. Oh wait, apparently it is.

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