Brand New 1994 Ferrari 512TR Spider Carries $1Million Price Tag

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Could this be from the Sultan of Brunei's collection?

An unrivalled collection of exotic cars has been up for sale via the simply-named website ferraricollectionfor for some time now. Many of the cars have been sold, many still remain; indeed over the years the collection has grown with recent additions including the Ferrari 599GTO. There are few people on Earth that could have amassed so many rare supercars and kept them in original factory condition with just factory delivery miles on the clock.

The Sultan of Brunei and brother Prince Jeffri, famed for their alleged multi-thousand collection, are more than capable. Adding further weight to the argument the liquidator owner hails from the royal house of Brunei is the fact the collection is rumored to be based in Singapore, and that unique models, such as this custom 512TR Spider, were ordered direct from the manufacturer. The only official Spider version of a Testarossa was the one Ferrari commissioned Pininfarina to design and build as a gift for the late Gianni Agnelli, who was head of Fiat at the time.

Although Ferrari enthusiasts were very keen on a drop top Testarossa, the Italian supercar maker decided Agnelli's silver-colored Spider would remain a one-off project. Of course independent tuning firms met the demand and created convertible conversions, but Ferrari never created one. Or did they? According to the private Ferrari dealer, who is currently trying to shift 70 supercars including 40 Ferrari models, a 1994 Ferrari 512 TR Spyder, was "ordered new by us from Ferrari and held unused in our private collection since brand new."

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Priced at $950,000 the broker is based in New Zealand, but the rare Spyder Convertible, along with the other new, unused or original factory condition rare supercars, is located in a private garage in SE Asia. An amazing car from perhaps the greatest car collection ever amassed that includes an Enzo, F50, F40, 599GTO, 246 Dino, five Lamborghinis (two 25th Anniversary Countach now sold), and a Jaguar XJ220.

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