Brand New Ford F-150s Destroyed In Massive Train Derailment

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They were being shipped to dealers when this happened.

Ford has been working overtime finding creative ways to keep its assembly lines running throughout the semiconductor chip shortage crisis. Doing so couldn't be more critical for highly profitable models like the F-150 and the rest of the F-Series lineup. We've known for a while now that the Blue Oval has been parking nearly completed trucks in massive lots near the factories as they wait for transport to dealers. The only thing holding them back is semiconductor chips.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, a large batch of Ford F-150s en route to anxious dealers and customers nationwide were involved in a massive accident. A 33-car train derailment happened in Missouri this past Monday, resulting in hundreds of trucks likely being totaled.

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The vehicles were probably being shipped from the nearby Kansas City Assembly plant, one of two Ford facilities where F-150s are built. The second is the Dearborn Truck Plant in Detroit. The Lake Gazette was told by a railroad employee that "The train was carrying wheat and brand-new automobiles, which are a total loss. It will be a couple days clean-up."

The Missouri Highway Patrol confirmed there were no injuries and an investigation is underway to explain the derailment. Authorities also confirmed there are no toxic fumes. In addition to the F-150s, Transit vans can also be counted as victims. They're built at the same factory.

Del Buckman/Facebook Del Buckman/Facebook Del Buckman/Facebook

Meanwhile, the derailed train blocked a local road and until things are cleared, no other trains can pass through. We don't know exactly how many F-150s and vans were onboard but it's a mess nonetheless. Ford has not released a statement at this time but we can assume it's in touch with state officials.

We don't know exactly how many trucks Ford has been stockpiling since late last year, but an anonymous source recently claimed the figure was between 6,000 to 7,000 units. In all, Ford has an estimated 60,000 incomplete vehicles. All they need are chips and they're good to go. That's easier said than done in the current climate.

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Source Credits: The Lake Gazette

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