Brand-New Honda Civic Type R Crashes On Drive Home From Dealer

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Spare a thought for this poor owner whose brand-new Honda Civic Type R was wrecked after it had only done 151 miles.

This brand-new, highly-sought after Honda Civic Type R had only been driven 151 miles before it was turned into a crumpled wreck. The worst part? The excited owner had only just picked up the 306-hp hot hatch and was driving it home from the dealership when the accident happened. The scenario sounds similar to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia that was recently reduced to a fiery wreck in England just one hour after the owner picked it up from the dealership.

Luckily, in this case the car was nowhere near as valuable and the damage wasn't as severe. It also wasn't the owner's fault, but it still doesn't make this tale any less heart-breaking if you're a passionate gearhead. Greg Ellingson described the incident and shared photos on Facebook – you can even still see the protective wrapping on the passenger seat indicating it was brand new. After picking up his Civic Type R from the dealership in Philadelphia, he embarked on a journey to his home in Philly. After clocking up just 151 miles, a distracted driver, or "a jackass not paying attention," as he described them to Jalopnik, slammed into the back of the hot hatch, buckling the back-end and shattering the rear window.

Photos credit Greg Ellingson, used with permission
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The force of the impact was so severe, it sent the Civic Type R careering into the car in front, damaging the hood, grille and front bumper. "I didn't even make it home," Ellingson wrote on Facebook. "Flew up this morning, picked up the car from Boston and was heading home to Philly. Jack#$% not paying attention hit me full on and pushed me into another car. I was a full car length behind the car in front of me. He hit me THAT hard. We were both stopped. Stopped and at rest for a few seconds." Luckily, neither driver was hurt in the accident. "Amazingly I'm unscathed. Guy hit me going 30-35 mph," he told Jalopnik. "Didn't even hit the brakes."

Compared to the charred remains of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia we saw last week, the damage to this Civic Type R looks repairable. However, Ellingson said he's hoping the insurance companies will total the car so he can start over and buy another grey Civic Type R.

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