Brand New Nissan GT-R Stolen And Wrecked TWO Hours After Purchase

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When the brand new 2017 Nissan GT-R you collect with just 53 miles on the odo doesn't make it to 100 miles, your day sucks.

Car crashes don't discriminate, when the strings of fate line up, your ride is going down no matter if it's got 100,000 miles on the clock or less than 100 miles, like this 2017 R35 Nissan GT-R. The understandably happy owner collected his brand new blacked-out Godzilla, took a small video to document it and then went on to document the rest of his drive home, a drive that he expected to be absolutely unforgettable, which it was. But not for the right reasons.

New cars get into accidents all the time, it's simply bound to happen with the amount of new cars being bought on an hourly basis around the world, but we cringe just that little bit more when the car is a supercar.

It can happen at speed, or just over idle. In this case it was a brand new 2017 GT-R with little more than delivery mileage on it. While it's going to completely ruin your day, things are even worse when the new car you've just taken delivery of is a wreck and you had nothing to do with it. In this case that saying: "No good deed goes unpunished" applies. We hope the poor guy has an understanding insurance company.

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