Brand New Range Completely Wrecked After Falling Off Truck

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There's no fixing this.

It would appear that the new Range Rover has gotten a bit of a haircut. An accident on a New Jersey highway last month resulted in this sorry-looking Range Rover falling off a vehicle transporter. The incident happened northbound on Paramus' Route 17. Unfortunately, one person was injured, though there were thankfully no fatalities, according to a photographer at the scene of the crash.

What remains unclear is who these expensive luxury SUVs are for. We haven't heard of any new Range Rovers at dealers just yet, though the license plate of this car and the others look do offer some clues.

Each of the cars we see in the photos, including the ones on the trailer, bears California plates. Often, Jaguar Land Rover's corporate vehicles will bear a CA plate, and these cars could have been bound for the brand's company headquarters in nearby Mahwah, NJ.

Boyd A. Loving
Boyd A. Loving
Boyd A. Loving

Looking at the carrier, it's not immediately obvious how the car fell off the transporter. We see some shots of the car under an overpass, which could point to a clearance issue. Still, the other cars on top were undamaged, or appear to be. It's possible the car tipped off the carrier after being improperly secured. We've certainly seen plenty of cars suffer a similar fate due to negligence, or simply bad luck.

Regardless, this Ranger Rover is absolutely totaled. It looks as if an impact "scalped" the car, peeling back the roof like a sardine can and leaving the front pillars totally mangled. We saw this with a Wagoneer just this week.

Boyd A. Loving
Boyd A. Loving

Another vehicle, a black Honda Civic, was caught up in the incident as well. From what we can tell, the vehicle was totaled, though it thankfully wasn't wrecked as badly as the Range Rover. We're a little curious as to why the side-curtain airbags hadn't gone off on this car, seeing as those should be mandatory on new cars.

Perhaps these were pre-production models, which lead to the fault. Either way, this wasn't a great day for the driver, or the people who were waiting on the SUV.

Boyd A. Loving
Boyd A. Loving

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