Brand-New Rivian R1T Goes For A Top Speed Run At Bonneville

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It didn't match Rivian's claimed 0-60mph time, but it's still stupid fast.

Early adopters have been waiting roughly two to three years for their Rivian R1T to arrive. After some initial production hiccups, Rivian has now hit its stride, and the first customer trucks have been delivered.

As a result, owners are doing exciting things in their vehicles and posting them on YouTube. A user called Eugene Kim recently took his brand-new Rivian on an epic trip before even removing all of the plastic covers. He set off for the Bonneville Salt Flats to see how fast it is because why not?

If you just purchased an 800 hp/900 lb-ft electric truck, it's only natural to see how fast it goes. This particular model is an R1T with a Large Pack which increases the range to 314 miles, an off-road package, and painted in Launch Green.

Eugene Kim/YouTube
Eugene Kim/YouTube
Eugene Kim/YouTube

Eugene's post also includes a mini-review of the truck and the charging times. He was hoping to stop in Wendover to use a 350-kW charger. Unfortunately, Rivian has yet to unlock the R1T's full recharging potential. The maximum charging capacity is currently set at 210 kW.

Still, Eugene's truck went from a 38-mile range to 220 miles in 40 minutes. Not ideal, but not the worst charging times we've ever come across.

On the flats, the R1T delivered some impressive figures. Eugene claims it sprinted to 60 mph in 4.01 seconds. That's roughly a second off of Rivian's claimed time, but the salt flats were wet and slippery. The truck had no problem reaching its 115 mph top speed, but the software interfered at that point. Eugene mentions that he has no doubts that the truck can go faster.

The time was set in Sport mode, with the truck in the lowest suspension setting.

Eugene Kim/YouTube
Eugene Kim/YouTube

The charging time is quite interesting. Rivian included charging software to reduce the charging output once the battery reaches 80 percent. This is to increase the longevity of the battery. The car is only limited to 210 kW charging via software, and Rivian will likely do a software update at some point to take it up to the total 350 kW.

Rivian is also erecting charging points at remote locations to make it easier for its customers to explore.

While the company is still experiencing some initial teething problems, we must not forget that it beat all of the legacy manufacturers in building the USA's first fully electric truck.

It's also great to see all positive reviews coming straight from customers who paid for these cars. Now we have to wait and see if the R1S SUV is just as good.

Eugene Kim/YouTube
Eugene Kim/YouTube

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