Bravo, America! You Know How To Order Your Sports Cars Right

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At least half of them anyway.

Ferrari has ditched them entirely and there are several more elite automakers who'd love to let them go once and for all in order to save on engineering costs. The manual transmission hasn't had it easy over the past several years due to high-tech and more refined than ever dual-clutch gearboxes coming to market. It's not that manuals are gone completely, but that they're no longer the primary transmission choice for many of the world's finest driving machines. Well, for automakers at least; not for many American sports cars buyers.


Autocar is claiming that a "well-placed" industry insider has revealed that half of all sports cars sold in the US today are ordered with manuals. In other words, America is leading the way to saving the beloved manual. Brands such as Jaguar and Porsche are responding to this demand. The F-Type has already been engineered for a manual 'box and, word has it, Porsche is planning to reintroduce a manual-equipped 911 GT3. At the far lower end of the price spectrum you'll find the Mazda MX-5 Miata which any self-respecting buyer will only equip with a manual. America. It always saves the day.

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