Brazilian Cops Bust Corvette Driver Seconds Into Sweet Donuts


The lesson here is never do donuts in Brazil, ever.

The next time you drive your Corvette down to Brazil make sure to be careful about where you do donuts. One unlucky hooner learned this lesson firsthand a few days before the new year. A security camera caught the whole short encounter on tape. The Corvette driver only does a few donuts before peeling off down the vacant street. Unfortunately the first car coming down the street in the opposite direction is driven by the police. They instantly light the Corvette up and get out with guns drawn.

For some reason another car decides to join the action, driving up behind the stopped Corvette. Naturally a gun is drawn on it as well.

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Brazil can be a dangerous place and its cops do not mess around. We don’t know what the punishment for doing donuts on a public street is there, but we’re guessing this guy wasn’t let off the hook on the cheap. Still, it could have been worse. This guy could have had to deal with a carjacker, or crashed his Corvette into a parked car (and then got arrested).

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