Break Your Lexus LFA? Need An Oil Change? This Is Where To Go

Going to your average mechanic isn't wise.

Lexus LFA owners aren’t about to take their cars to any old repair shop. Heck, even your friendly neighborhood Toyota or Lexus dealer won’t suffice. That’s not at all unexpected when you’re dealing a nearly $400,000 supercar powered by a 4.8-liter V10. And to top that off, just 500 examples were built in less than two years. To say the LFA is rare is an understatement. It’s so unique and complex that only a properly trained specialist should be allowed to perform regular maintenance and repairs. Where to go for this?

One place is the TMG high-tech service center in Cologne, Germany. XCAR goes behind the scenes of this facility where the LFA pros can handle everything from a simple oil change to all-out accident repair.

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