Breaking: 2011 Motion 427 SC Chevrolet Camaro

Back in late January, we brought you news regarding a series of 5 special Camaro's that will be based on the 2011 SS model coming from Baldwin-Motion. Now, the first of these "Fantastic Five" models is making its web debut. So far, there's only one image, but the Baldwin-Motion Camaro is finally here. It has over 800 hp from its supercharged LS7 V8 and comes equipped with the top-of-the-line Phase III 427 SC package.

The car pictured here will be going to Joel Rosen, the originator of the Baldwin-Motion cars. More details and pictures will come shortly as the car is set to make its public debut at the Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida this April 8th to 10th.

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