Breaking: Audi Sketches Urban Concept Just in Time for Frankfurt

Audi releases new sketches of its futuristic-looking urban concept roadster just a month before its Frankfurt unveiling.

Just a day or so after spy shots of Audi's unusual concept came in from Berlin, the automaker has released new sketches of the very unique concept online before its live debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month. The sketches have been simply dubbed "urban concept" and the car is being billed as a radical and futuristic looking 1+1 roadster. Audi is also using the concept to boast alternative propulsion and the lithium-ion batteries power two motors borrowed from the E-tron prototype line.

Some other features include blinking strips of LED lights going around the wheels and constructed with carbon fiber. Audi also made sure to keep the futuristic concept lightweight in construction with hints of an elaborate suspension for better handling. The body is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and there's a sliding canopy and tailgate that's in place of conventional doors. Little else has been revealed, but we'll have full details from Frankfurt next month.

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