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BREAKING: BBC Confirms Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Sacked

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Top Gear to continue without him.

So, just over two weeks after the BBC suspended Jeremy Clarkson over an alleged "fracas," the Top Gear presenter has been sacked after an investigation concluded he attacked a producer. Director General of the BBC, Lord Hall, announced the decision after an internal investigation concluded that after being informed he couldn't have steak and chips for his dinner after a day's filming, Clarkson verbally abused producer Oisin Tymon for 20 minutes before physically assaulting him for 30 seconds.

Lord Hall admitted he had "not taken this decision lightly," but that "a line has been crossed" and that he "cannot condone what has happened on this occasion." The BBC plans to continue broadcasting Top Gear, and will try to convince British broadcaster and well-known gearhead Chris Evans to take over. Sold to over 170 countries worldwide, the show generates some £50 million a year for the Corporation. With a collection that includes a stunning set of Ferraris, from a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO to a LaFerrari, Evans is the most obvious candidate to succeed Clarkson, but has ruled himself out of the running.

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Responding to rumors today, Evans said "Not only is it not true, it's absolute nonsense." If he stands by that – he really doesn't need the money – then we'd strongly advise them to give Chris Harris a call. You read it here first. Clarkson will have plenty of offers, and Netflix is thought to be his preferred destination. Almost certainly, James May and Richard Hammond will join Clarkson on whatever venture he decides to embark on next.