BREAKING: Clarkson, Hammond, And May Reveal The Name Of Their Amazon Show

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But will they still have an in-house test track?

We've been waiting anxiously on the edge of our seats for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May's new automotive show to come out, but the fact that the three hadn't settled on a name was a bit worrying. But that's all over as the trio has just named their new show. Drum roll, please. The show will be called "The Grand Tour." It's kind of catchy even if it isn't as cool as the name "Top Gear." But if the show is anywhere near as good as the original then "The Grand Tour" will become a household name.

The new choice of title is actually fitting. According to a tweet sent out today by Jeremy Clarkson the show will be shot from a tent that will be in a different location each episode, making it an actual grand tour. Clarkson ended the tweet by asking, "Your town?" The format of the show has many implications both good and bad. For one, it means that "The Grand Tour" (GT for short) will not feature its own racetrack on which a mysterious helmet-wearing man could verify a car's lap times. On the other hand, another Clarkson tweet confirmed that there will be a Christmas special. If it's anything like the old "Top Gear" specials then we may see the trio stopping off in the US from time to time.

From the looks of things the team has been too busy filming to come up with a name, so we're glad that they are focusing on the meat and potatoes of what made "Top Gear" so great rather than on catchy names. We can expect to see the fruits of their labor on Amazon's Prime streaming service sometime in August. Hopefully Clarkson learned a thing or two from all of the relaxation he did prior to shooting his new show and won't punch someone in the face again. Depending on where GT travels to, we can't imagine that a fracas would go over too well in foreign countries.

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