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Do you really have to ask why?

It was bound to happen given the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and now it has. Ferrari has just officially announced it is shutting down all production at its Maranello and Modena production facilities until March 27. This follows the same decision made late last week by Lamborghini who is closing its own operations until March 25. But given everything, is two weeks' closure even enough given the circumstances? As of this writing, Italy has over 21,000 coronavirus cases and over 1,441 deaths.

Both figures will undoubtedly climb in the days and weeks ahead. Ferrari explains it made its decision not only on government decrees but also due to its supply chain being interrupted on a global level.

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Without the necessary components arriving for its lineup, including the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Ferrari SF90 Stradale, then you can't build cars. But shutting down any production line is not an easy decision to make and Ferrari, compared to Ford and GM, for example, is not a big automaker. Any shutdown will affect it more severely than those large mainstream automakers. At the end of the day, however, public health and safety matters most.

"At a time like this," said Ferrari's CEO, Louis Camilleri, "my gratitude goes first and foremost to Ferrari's women and men who, with their tremendous commitment over the past few days, have demonstrated the passion and dedication that defines our marque. Together with our suppliers, they have ensured the Company's production. And it is out of our respect for them, for their peace of mind and those of their families that we have decided on this course of action. Camilleri added, "Our clients and fans are also top of mind for us at this time, as we prepare for a strong restart."

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Obviously this isn't the end of the world but these are not normal times. Until Italy and other countries can get the latest coronavirus under control by lowering the rate in which it spreads, more disruptions in every aspect of daily life will continue.

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