Breaking: Honda Issues Stop-Sale Order For 2023 Civic Type R

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The issue is a defective cushion in the driver's seat.

Honda has issued both a stop-sale order until further notice and a recall for certain examples of the 2023 Civic Type R hot hatchback due to a driver's seat cushion frame assembly that potentially could have faulty welds. A service bulletin sent to dealers that quickly made its way to the Civic XI forum states the following:

"Due to improper manufacturing, the driver's seat cushion frame assembly may have faulty welds which may lead to squeaking, rattling noises, or breakage of the seat frame weld. During a vehicle crash, a broken seat cushion weld may potentially impact the protective function of the seat belt and may increase the risk of injury to a seat occupant."

CarBuzz has reached out to Honda North America seeking comment but did not receive a reply in time ahead of publication. We'll update this story accordingly with any updates.

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The Japanese automaker has notified the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the issue but the bulletin was just issued earlier today, meaning the agency has not yet posted the recall on its official website, as of this writing. Apparently, Type R owners have noticed the squeaking and rattling noises for the past several months.

The forum has another thread discussion specifically about this issue dating back to November - just around the time deliveries got underway. The seat itself is a manually adjustable design which we described in our recent test drive as "comfortable and well-bolstered without going over the top and making them a pain to get in and out of every day."

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We did not, however, notice any unusual noises. Honda has yet to provide specific VINs to identify the problematic vehicles but we wouldn't be surprised if all '23 models are involved. Again, we have to wait for updates on the matter.

In the meantime, Honda notified dealers in the memo that they will be updated shortly about those VINs, repair procedures, relevant parts, and warranty information. It further states that there are currently no parts available for the fix. Dealers have been instructed to notify owners of the issue if they bring in their vehicles for any type of service.

The bulletin wraps up by stating that customer notification is expected to get underway in mid-May.

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