Breaking Into A Car To Steal Holiday Gifts Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


So that's where your Christmas presents went.

Following the logic of trickle down economics, it's only right that if you get to buy nice things at a discounted price on Black Friday, thieves should be able to get a cut of your loot at a fraction of the risk. Petty thieves who need a few pawn shop-friendly items out of your car can now rejoice because Black Friday sales on the latest break-in gadgets are coming. The battle between convenience and security has made it so that car keys now rely on wireless signals to lock and unlock car doors. Of course tech can be hacked, which is bad news bears for shoppers.

The thing is, these signals can be replicated by code scanning devices, which means that a bearer of one of these units could easily get into your car. Now these devices are on sale at discounted Black Friday prices to allow the initial investment of starting a life of crime to be lower. The Truth About Cars found a Chinese device selling online (usually priced around $100) for 15 percent off! At least robbers wont be able to claim that life is unfair because a large bearded man in a red suit can get into your home but they cant even get into your car. Ethical Bonus Tip: Buy one of these but use it to activate your neighbor's panic feature to scare the bejesus out of them when they try to leave the house.

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