BREAKING: Jay Leno Seriously Burned In Garage Fire

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The comedian and gearhead is in a burn center with injuries to his face.

Comedian, TV host and gearhead Jay Leno is currently in a Los Angeles hospital burn center after suffering facial injuries from a fire that suddenly erupted in his famous LA garage. TMZ reports that Leno, 72, was in his garage on November 13 when one of the cars went up in flames without warning, supposedly due to an engine fire.

Leno reportedly suffered burns to the left side of his face, but, very fortunately, they did not "penetrate his eye or ear."

As of this writing, Leno remains at the Grossman Burn Center. No other details regarding his condition have been made available, and he's expected to remain hospitalized until further notice.

UPDATE: Leno has stated the following: "I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet." The video below is a short interview with George Swift, a longtime Leno employee, who confirmed Leno's injuries are non-life threatening.

Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/Youtube

Sources say he has canceled all planned engagements for this week. He was scheduled to appear Sunday at The Financial Brand conference in Las Vegas but dropped out at the last minute for what was described as a "very serious medical emergency."

We also don't know which vehicle was the source of the fire or the exact cause, but it's reasonable to assume authorities have already begun a full investigation.

No one else appears to have been injured. Representatives for Leno have not commented any further at this time. In the past, Leno has spoken about his health, including being diagnosed with high cholesterol and a heart blockage in 2019.

Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube

He also speaks about the necessity of routine medical check-ups and healthy eating habits. Leno's legendary car collection in Burbank now consists of over 180 cars, including hypercars, supercars, sports cars, and some century-old icons. Leno claims his favorite car is the 1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 Kompressor, an ancestor to today's flagship Mercedes S-Class.

Because Leno's accident is breaking news, we'll bring updates the moment they become available.

For now, please keep Jay in your thoughts, and let's hope for the best. We're all with you, Jay.

Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube Jay Leno/YouTube Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube
Source Credits: TMZ

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