Breaking: Major Crash Involving Eight Cars at the Nurburgring

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A serious accident involving eight cars happened just yesterday at the Nurburgring in Germany.

For anyone considering a vacation involving motorsport and driving, then this should be of particular interest. Reports are coming in right now about a major crash that took place yesterday (Sunday, October 2nd) at the Nurburgring track in Germany. At around 2pm yesterday, a total of eight vehicles, including the famous BMW M3 Ring Taxi, were involved in the incident. According to sources, the accident took place in two phases and involved drivers from numerous European countries.

Although an official investigation is still pending, it appears the accident was likely caused by speeding and took place in a section of the track called the "Bergwer" where a construction company set up a work zone. From what we've been told, most of the drivers were aware of the construction, but a fourth driver from the U.K. began to brake too late and therefore couldn't avoid a collision with the car in front. He then went into the grass for about another 150 feet before going back onto the track and then collided with two other cars. At this point, three other drivers behind them saw the crash but were unable to brake in time.

Apparently the ring taxi driver wasn't paying attention and ended up crashing into one of the decelerating cars. The M3 eventually stopped against a guard rail. With the exception of one car, all others were severely damaged or declared totaled. Sources are also saying the total damage bill has surpassed €100,000. And to make matters worse, this all happened just a day after another serious incident. Details are still unclear, but it appears that someone else was hit by a car after attempting to assist another vehicle that was in an accident. We wish those who've been injured a quick recovery and we hope that track officials find an official cause for the accident.

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