Breaking: Mazda Confirms SkyActiv Tech on their Next-Gen Rotary Engine

Mazda is currently working on their new rotary engine for their next-generation sports car/RX-8 successor.

Mazda has recently lain to rest the rotary-engined RX-8, however without missing a beat they have just tweeted confirmation of their brand-new rotary-powered car and dropped a bit of knowledge on what the car will feature: the Japanese automaker's SkyActiv technology. According to Mazda PR's Twitter account, they currently have a "new model with a next-generation rotary engine" in development to take the place of the formerly-featured Wankel engine.

The RX-8's biggest drawback was its gas-guzzling mentality and the new super-efficient SkyActiv tech should help quench some of the next-generation sports car's thirst for the black juice. As more information makes its way out of Mazda on the development of their new, eco-friendly-er rotary engine we will bring it to you.

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