Breaking News: Ford and Toyota Team Up on RWD Hybrid Systems

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Ford and Toyota are working in tandem to create hybrid powerplants.

The most unlikely of teammates usually include those that share a joint goal brought together by highly unusual circumstances. CAFE Standards may not seem like a nefarious enemy, however they are going to a level in terms of fuel efficiency that some automakers don't want to face alone. This is leading to two of the most unlikely of teammates in Ford and Toyota, rival automakers with the same mission.

The two famed automakers have just announced today that they will team up to create a new hybrid system for their respective ranges of light trucks and SUVs. The partnership was formed under the auspices of an 'equal partnership' and will result in a gasoline-electric hybrid that is expected to be ready in 8 to 10 years. The collaboration is thought to be a direct reaction to the U.S. government's sic Obama Administration's new CAFE standards demanding increased fuel efficiency for all automobiles. Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive will serve as a blueprint of sorts for the new project.

What should come out will be a totally radical system co-developed by the two leading automakers. In-vehicle telematics will also share a spot in their collaborative efforts, although they will use the joint-produced powerplant in their own respective and unique vehicles. The partnership between Ford and Toyota consists at the moment of a 'Memorandum of Understanding,' meaning that they have yet to begin actual work on the hybrid powerplant project. They will implement a study shortly to see which ways are best to go forward in utilizing both the company's resources and expertise to create the best possible hybrid for the future.

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