BREAKING: Top Gear Presenters Finally Announced!

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The lineup is complete, get ready for carnage in May.

As promised, Top Gear has announced the additional cast members for the revamped show with the new lineup to include Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz – as was rumored a few weeks ago – as well as F1 pundit Eddie Jordan and automotive journalist Rory Reid. They will join host Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and The Stig when the new show airs in May. We know all about Chris Harris, who has rightly earned in his place on the biggest stage there is.

"Top Gear is the thing that helped shape my life with cars, my perception of cars and my obsession with cars, and I'm raring to give it a go. I'm also quite gobby and happy to get into trouble. And if it all goes wrong, well, I can say I was once on Top Gear, and just head back to being that annoying small bloke off YouTube." Racing driver Sabine Schmitz, best known for driving a van around the Nurburgring said: "I grew up next to the Nurburgring and have been racing for most of my life, so the chance to combine both driving and filming was too good an opportunity to pass up."

"My yacht is bigger than your yacht" Eddie Jordan, once ran his own F1 team, and is the most senior member of the new team. "I have such enormous respect for all my fellow presenters and I politely ask that they go easy on these old bones." Finally, Rory Reid , who made the cut after submitting a 30-second audition tape. He'll be a stranger to most, but has been on our radar for a couple of years. Great choice, and we can't wait to see him on the big screen. "To be the only person to make it through the open audition process makes me immensely proud. I've been a Top Gear fan for decades, but more than that, I live and breathe cars in a way that is perfectly compatible with the show,"

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