Breathtaking 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB 'Tour de France' Berlinetta Up for Grabs

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One of Ferrari's finest specimens is expected to be sold for a few million dollars at a London auction this week.

This week at London's RM Auction House arguably the greatest and most important Ferrari road/racing car ever built will go under the hammer for an estimated £2,000,000 to £2,400,000. Five series of the 250 GT Berlinetta were made starting with the Series I 250 GT in 1956. From mid-1957 Series II cars were introduced with 3 louvers and covered headlights; 15 of these were produced followed by 36 Series III models that retained the covered headlights but which had just a single vent louver.

The beginning of the 250 GT Berlinetta's competition career began in 1956 and its success in that year's Tour de France propelled the car into the annals of motorsport history. The grueling 5,000-kilometer event, made up of six circuit races, two hill-climbs and a sprint, took up to six days to complete, and with the spectacular win the 250 GT Berlinetta earned the sobriquet 'Tour de France'. With three straight victories following their maiden triumph where the name had unofficially taken hold, the enviable competition record remains the stuff of legends even today.

The example being offered is one of the 39 competition models originally produced by Ferrari with all-alloy bodywork, single vent and desirable covered-headlamp configuration. The 250hp 3.0-liter SOHC alloy block-and-head V12 engine backs up the awe-inspiring looks and this truly rare car and one of Ferrari's most coveted models is being presented in outstanding condition. Photos courtesy of RM Auctions/Tom Wood.

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