Breathtaking AvantiRosso Lamborghini by Milan Supercars

Austrian supercar builder takes on an Aventador- creating a masterpiece.

Milan Supercars, an Austrian-based tuner which is hard at work at creating its own supercar- the Milan- also seems to have enough time on their hands for phenomenal side projects, like this AvantiRosso Lamborghini Aventador. Adding carbon fiber to just about everything, the Lambo gets a new hood, front bumper, LED lights and side flicks. Altogether, it looks absolutely awesome- in our opinion at least.

Furthermore, the engine-cover has been replaced with even more carbon fiber, a massive new rear-wing has been added and the exhaust gets a crazy diamond shape. No details regarding the car’s performance tuning were released, but from the looks of it- these Austrians know what they’re doing. Check out the beautiful Aventador and also a few pics of Milan’s own creation.

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