Breathtaking Ferrari F12 TRS is a $4.2-Million One-Off

Yes, Ferrari has built another one-off.

This is Ferrari’s third bespoke beauty to emerge from Maranello this year. And we thought these were meant to be rare. Tentatively dubbed the F12 TRS, after the symbol and name was trademarked in Italy last week, the one-off Ferrari F12 has the same targa open-top design as the recently revealed SP America. Details are thin on the ground, but reports suggest one of Ferrari’s Special Projects’ wealthy clients paid $4.2 million for his very own special car, which has been fitted with an F1-inspired KERS unit.

That ties in nicely with the nice big front chin spoiler indicating the owner has every intention of thrashing his gorgeous new toy on the track. With the KERS kicking in, expect the F12's 6.0-liter V12 deliver more than the 740 horsepower it normally delivers, but only at short bursts.

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