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Brembo Pumps The Brakes On Boring Calipers

2019 Geneva Motor Show / 6 Comments

Check out these colorful concept calipers at Geneva.

Brembo supplies some of the world's top motor manufacturers with braking systems for all sorts of high-performance machinery. Hidden behind elaborately styled wheels, they tend to be rather overlooked, unless of course they have received a flash of paint to catch the eye.

Brembo introduced its famous red caliper over 25-years ago and for the Geneva Motor Show this year they decided to take things one step further with a range of artfully illustrated concept calipers.

"Brembo was inspired by the world of fashion, design, art and style to coat some of its calipers with unusual 'clothes' for a car component, in a journey of provocations, chromatic suggestions and graphic textures," the company explained.

The idea behind these calipers was to bring a sense of fun and style to the humble brake caliper, each design bringing to mind a specific theme or era. Colored brake calipers are obviously nothing new these days but adding a bit of flair to the designs instead of just settling for a single shade may actually look rather cool on the right vehicle.

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None of the nine concept calipers you see here are destined to go into production but they could serve as the catalyst for future designs. We can't help but think that the green leaf colored caliper could work well on a Nissan, erm, Leaf, while the grey moonrock styled one would probably look pretty cool on a luxury car. The possibilities are endless so if this idea takes off prepare to see some rather interesting designs on brake calipers in the near future.