Brembo's New Mirror-Finish Brake Discs Borrow Tech From Porsche

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They were developed for premium and luxury vehicles.

Your car's brake discs are rarely given much though until it's time to replace them, and as for aesthetics, it's usually the brake calipers that get all the attention as they can be painted in a range of striking colors.

Now, however, Brembo - a company that knows a thing or two about braking systems, with total production of almost 50 million discs annually - has come up with a new Greentive brake disc with a much longer lifespan along with a shiny mirror-like finish. Said to be developed with a focus on premium and luxury vehicles, the Greentive brake disc has a special coating applied to its ring, making use of High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel technology.


Brembo says that the name Greentive is a combination of 'Green' and 'Distinctive', owing to the environmentally-friendly properties of the discs along with their instantly recognizable appearance.

Much like the Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB) system used on models like the Cayenne SUV, Brembo claims that its Greentive discs produce significantly less brake dust than is normal, which helps to keep rims looking shiny. Similarly to Porsche's system, Brembo has utilized tungsten carbide for the surface coating, one of the hardest materials in the world.


Besides their mirror finish, the Greentive discs are identifiable by a small Brembo logo on the brake ring surface. This logo provides an indication of when the disc will need to be replaced. Another advantage to the discs is high resistance to corrosion, which is especially beneficial for cars parking outside.

Brembo says that the coating technology can be applied to various disc designs including solid, dual cast, lightweight, and two-piece floating discs. Brembo didn't indicate how much its Greentive discs will cost, but as a possible indication of price, Porsche charges $3,490 for its PSCB brakes that use the same tungsten carbide material. Thanks to Brembo, it's not only the Porsches of the world that will be rolling by with shiny, longer-lasting brake discs.


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