Brides, Bikers, and SUVs; WTF Goes On in Russia?

Is it a biker wedding? Or just a Russian street gathering?

We’ve become accustomed to seeing abnormal events happening in Russia. Dashcams have provided a wealth of knowledge of its so-called (or lack thereof) road rules. You name it, however weird it may sound, it’s probably happened in the land of dense rye bread and vodka. Things like walking drunk in the street carrying a knife and suspicious road side accidents are common, if not outright accepted. Must be a cultural thing. And to add to that is this street event.

We think it’s a biker wedding. Then again, it may also be a mass biker wedding with multiple brides. It’s just all too weird. But that’s Russia. Weirdness, alcoholism, and absurdity all rolled into one country.

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