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Bring it On! Jaguar F-Type V6 S Vs Porsche Cayman GTS

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This was previously a segment dominated by Porsche. Is it still?

Many will argue that the Porsche Cayman is the best model in the brand's lineup today. They may be right, especially if they're referring to the Cayman GTS. This mid-engined sports car has been heralded time and again for its ideal balance, power deliver, and overall superb driving experience. But now there's the Jaguar F-Type V6 S, the mid-level model of the F-Type lineup. It's not quite as mad as its V8 sibling, but still a more thrilling experience over the base model. Some claim it's the sweet spot in the F-Type lineup.

And like the Cayman GTS, it's rear-wheel-drive and engineered purely for the driving enthusiast. So now it comes down to which is the better overall driver's car. Has Porsche finally been upstaged here or does Jaguar still have some work to do? Check out this latest comparison test drive from Autocar to get their take on the matter.

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