Bristol Cars Comeback Plan Takes Shape With Modern EV

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But the company isn't done with the internal combustion engine just yet.

Everybody loves a good automotive comeback story. The Toyota GR Supra and Ford Bronco are great examples, but what about the relatively obscure and unknown brands? At the start of the year, Italian sports car manufacturer Bizzarrini announced its comeback car and, at around about the same time, the UK's Bristol Cars said that it would mark its own comeback with a Dodge-powered sports car.

Founded back in 1945, Bristol Cars was known for its luxury grand tourers. According to Autocar, the revival of Bristol Cars is now official and besides several continuation models, the company will launch a new battery-electric vehicle.

Bristol Cars
Bristol Cars

Last year, Bristol's assets were sold off at an auction. An investor and property developer named Jason Wharton has attained the intellectual property rights of the British automotive company and has the ambitious goal of making it the top British EV company by the year 2026. Coincidentally, 2026 will also be the 80th anniversary of Bristol Cars. The EV in question will be called the Buccaneer and it will be a luxurious four-seater.

We already know about the remastered series - harking back to models like the Fighter and 411 Series 8 - which will be the last Bristol Cars ever to be built with an internal combustion engine.

Bristol Cars
Bristol Cars

These gas-powered cars will cost from £495,000 (just under $700,000 at current rates) and are planned to reach customers in 2022/2023, ahead of the EV's arrival in 2025.

"Bristol is a quintessentially British brand that was renowned for creating luxurious and distinctive vehicles," said Wharton. "We want to revive and reinvigorate this iconic marque, preserving its heritage, while fully remastering it for the 21st century."

A new CEO will be appointed in spring 2022 along with non-executive directors and someone to lead engineering. The V8-powered remastered cars and the Buccaneer EV will represent the company's past and future but at their sky-high prices, they should both be truly special machines.

Bristol Cars
Bristol Cars
Bristol Cars
Source Credits: Autocar

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