Britain Goes To War With Japan As The McLaren 650S Tries To Take Down A Tuned GT-R


Can the Brits really beat Godzilla?

It's always a treat watching the McLaren 650S face off against another supercar on the strip. Last time it was a twin-turbo Gallardo and now the 650S is up against a Nissan GT-R. As with most GT-Rs in drag racing videos this one has been tuned. It boasts over 1,000 horsepower which is just a bit more than the 641 horses this McLaren is putting out. To negate the GT-R's launching advantage a running start is put into place. So, will that be enough to help the 650S take down the GT-R?

Of course the answer is no, but the 650S puts up a surprisingly nice fight. That being said losing to a tuned Japanese monster is nothing to be ashamed of.

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