British Billionaire Inventor Dyson To Challenge Tesla Starting In 2020

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From vacuum cleaners to EVs, though the guy shouldn't be underestimated.

As expected, James Dyson, the billionaire British inventor who made an international name for himself with his revolutionary vacuum cleaner years ago, has announced his intentions to launch an electric car by 2020, according to The Guardian. Claiming his electric car will be "radically different" than all other EVs on the market today, he further added he's invested some 2 billion GBP, around $2.7 billion, into the project, which he's been secretly working on since 2015.

Dyson is not alone here; he's the owner of a company that's also been on a hiring spree lately, poaching auto industry insiders and experts from the likes of Aston Martin and Tesla. As of now, Dyson stated no prototype has been built, but the electric motor itself is done and ready. He also has two different battery types in development that, according to him, will be more efficient than those in existing EVs. As Tesla has well proven, current battery tech is already pretty impressive. As far as the design goes, Dyson clearly likes to keep things a mystery, stating only that we'll have to "wait and see" what his idea for an EV will look like.

What's particularly intriguing is the fact that Dyson and co. (consisting of about 400 employees devoted to the project) are literally starting from scratch; they don't even have a chassis yet, but it too is in progress. Where will Dyson build his EVs? That's still undecided at the moment, but the UK is a "frontrunner." It really sounds like James Dyson has a bone to pick with the auto industry, stating that "I'm not a Johnny-come-lately to electric cars. It's been my ambition since 1998 when I was rejected by the industry that has happily been creating dirty vehicles, and governments have kept on allowing it." In any case, Dyson shouldn't be underestimated. Its wicked cool vacuum cleaners and hand dryers are (sort of) proof.

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