British-Built Electrified 1967 Ford Mustang Lands In America

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Only 499 will ever be made.

The last time we talked about a fully-electric 'Stang that wasn't the Ford Mustang Mach-E was back in March of this year. Since then, Charge Cars, the makers of the Charge '67, an electrified Ford Mustang restomod, has debuted its new creation.

It was first shown to the public at the Salon Prive in London, and now it's headed back home. So to speak. You see, Charge Cars is actually based in the UK, not in America like you probably thought. Frankly, when someone makes a Mustang that'll do 60 mph in 3.9 seconds with 1,120 lb-ft of torque, who cares where they're from?

Charge Cars
Charge Cars

"We are delighted to be in Los Angeles with our partners to celebrate the launch of the Charge '67 in the United States. It's the ideal destination for our technology, design, and performance, which has come to life in such an exciting way," said Vadim Shagaleev, CEO of Charge Cars.

The Charge '67 is limited to just 499 cars and produces 535 hp and 1,120 lb-ft of torque. Charge Cars say that the '67 uses a "4iWD" (all-wheel drive) system to mimic torque vectoring, and that it'll do a top speed of 150 mph. That is, of course, electronically limited.

Charge Cars
Charge Cars

The body of the Charge '67 is apparently about as close as you can get to a real Ford Mustang without being in one, too. Charge Cars said that its creation is made from "a brand new, officially licensed Ford Mustang body shell."

The panels of said body are made of lightweight composite to help fight the weight of the electrified Mustang's batteries. Those, by the way, are mounted right where you'd expect, in the floor of the Mustang. However, unlike the body, much of the car is all-new.

Charge Cars

The interior is one example. There isn't a Mustang on the planet with an interior like this. Charge Cars totally redoes each car's interior with a new infotainment system capable of OTA updates and more. On top of that, each car has its own custom suspension components, braking system, and lighting.

Unfortunately, Charge Cars still hasn't announced pricing. Given the limited availability of the cars and the thorough build process, we can say that "cheap" likely isn't in this car's vocabulary. For now, the car remains firmly in "if you have to ask" territory. The Charge '67 can be viewed both at the Petersen Museum and the LA Auto Show this year.

Charge Cars

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