British Celeb Jeremy Clarkson Unwanted on Road Trips


The Top Gear host is finding it hard to make good company on road trips.

Continental Tires recently completed their survey of 2,000 motorists around the U.K. and Ireland. The question posed to surveyors was "Who would you least like to share a 4x4 drive across the Sahara Desert with?" and the overwhelming winner (or in this case, loser) was none other than Top Gear UK host Jeremy Clarkson. The tire company is sponsoring the Conti 4x4 Trophy and the survey was produced in the build-up to the off-road challenge of piloting a Hummer across the treachorous Sahara Desert.

Clarkson beat out British personality Katie (aka Jordan) Price, British Prime Minister David Cameron, model Kate Moss and Madonna. Somehow "it's my shtick to be a jackass" Simon Cowell would be a more preferable road trip partner than those listed above. "Driving thousands of miles through the Atlas Mountains and the fiery sands of the Sahara Desert makes your choice of co-driver incredibly important. It's a long, tough and often dangerous journey. Jeremy Clarkson might have motoring credentials but either his calamitous road trips on Top Gear his lack of practical skills or his outspoken views mean most people would leave him behind," said Continental Tires spokesman Tim Bailey.

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