British Man Slaps Giant Speed Sign on His House

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Community spirit reaches new heights as man reminds motorists of the speed limit with a giant sign on the side of his house.

Fed up with the speeding traffic in his village making it a daily nightmare for him to cross the road to the village shop, and the numerous traffic accidents, including a car smashing into his house, a resident of a seaside UK town decided to take action by painting a giant 30mph speed sign on the side of his house. The man in Bow, Devon, took matters into his own hands with the impossible-to-miss sign that measures 15 feet in diameter, and the neighbors love it.

Traffic through the village comes through at a horrendous rate according to the locals, but the sign is helping. "Lorries, tractors, cars, you name it, it comes through," said one fed-up resident. "They're absolutely mad," voiced another. "All it is is a sign on a wall and it works, great," concluded a third.

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