Brock Lesnar Destroyed A Cadillac CTS In The Most Ridiculous WWE Way Possible

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Let's just say he suplexed a guy into a window.

Yes, professional wrestling isn't real, but that doesn't mean this Cadillac CTS didn't take a real beating. WWE superstar and former UFC fighter Brock Lesnar destroyed it in epic fashion on an episode of "Monday Night RAW." The Cadillac apparently belongs to a duo by the name of J&J Security, but those details aren't important (unless you're a fan). What is important is the fact that Lesnar hacked this car into pieces, ripped off the door and suplexed a guy into a windshield!

Seriously, even if you loathe wrestling this video is a gem that needs to be seen. It's not every day that a guy rips off a Cadillac's door and chucks it into a crowd.

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