Bronco Finally Gets Ford Performance Off-Road Suspension Lift Kit

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The kit costs $2,100 and you get a two-inch lift.

The 2023 Ford Bronco is one of the best stock standard off-roaders you can buy, but, as always, there is room for improvement, especially for the hardcore off-roading crowd.

One of the first upgrades off-roaders do is a suspension upgrade. That's why we were surprised to see that an upgraded suspension kit was not on the list of Bronco accessories that Ford introduced in May 2021. This left a giant gap in the market, which the aftermarket tuners jumped on immediately. You can even get a $16,000 portal axle kit for the Bronco.

This oversight has now been rectified with the introduction of the Ford Performance Off-Road Suspension Lift Kit for the 2021 to 2023 Bronco two and four-door.

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This suspension upgrade is a basic bolt-in replacement kit for the Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks. It can not be equipped to the Badlands, Everglades, Raptor, or any model with the Sasquatch Package. The two-door lift kit (part code: M-18000-B1A) costs $2,100, and the four-door kit (part code: M-18000-B1) retails for the same, excluding fitment.

Speaking of fitment, you'll want to have it done instead of doing it yourself. The kit comes with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty when installed by a Ford Dealer or ASE/Red Seal certified technician.

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The specification for the two kits is the same. The kit consists of Bilstein and Ford OE components, with the shock tuning done by Ford Performance Parts' engineers. According to Ford, the equipment was developed over rough terrain.

The front and rear get massive 2.65-inch mono-tube shocks with a 2.36-inch digressive piston. This is the largest shock diameter in Ford's Bronco range, apart from the bonkers Raptor. The front and rear springs and top mount are borrowed from the Sasquatch Package.

Even though Ford developed the kit for off-roading, it also promises improved ride quality and stance. The kits are not available for order yet, but since they are live on Ford Performance's website, we probably won't have to wait long. That's if you can even get hold of a Bronco to bolt the kit to, as demand far outweighs supply.

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