Bruce McLaren Tells His Story

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It's been 50 years since a young New Zealand kid named Bruce McLaren started a racing car company that's now one of the finest names in motorsport.

It's been 50 years since a young New Zealander named Bruce McLaren founded a racing car company that would eventually go on to change the world of motorsport. Unfortunately, McLaren himself didn't live to see his company enjoy its worldwide fame and prestige. He was killed in a tragic accident on June 2, 1970 at England's Goodwood circuit while testing the new M8D Can-Am race car. He was only 32. Fortunately, his death didn't mean the end of McLaren itself.

As a part of its ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations, McLaren has just released the first of three short films to commemorate the occasion. The first is called "Courage", which has the potential to bring any McLaren fan to tears. It's hopeful, touching and heartbreaking all at once. But let's let Bruce tell it best.

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