This Ultra-Rare McLaren F1 Is Heading To The UK For Restoration

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It's owned by the royal family of Brunei.

It's funny how the leaders of small, lesser-known nations always tend to drive exotic sports cars and luxury SUVs, and one nation, in particular, has always stood out for its leaders' fascinating choice of vehicles. We're obviously talking about Brunei and its long line of Sultans. We've covered numerous rides owned by the Sultans of Brunei, including some fantastic Porsche 911s, a stunning and stupidly fast Ferrari 599 GTO, and now a super rare McLaren F1 GT that is being carted to the UK for a full restoration. It turns out that the Brunei Royal Family has the most impressive McLaren F1 collection known to man (they own a total of 10) including three of only five F1 LM models ever produced.

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The Brunei royal family also owns an F1 GTR race car, but this F1 GT is one of only three ever made. It is a well-known fact that cars don't last very long in Brunei's hot and humid climate, and we've heard horror stories of exotic and rare supercars dying a slow and horrible death in this small but wealthy island nation. It is understood that this ultra-exclusive F1 GT is heading straight to McLaren itself for its comprehensive restoration, and judging by the photos, it would seem that this particular example is in fairly good condition, but who knows what could be lurking under the sleek body panels, or what condition the cabin is in? The Brunei family arguably has as many cars rotting away as being preserved.

brunei_car_collection/Instagram brunei_car_collection/Instagram brunei_car_collection/Instagram brunei_car_collection/Instagram

This is the second F1 to be send to the UK for restoration, after the Royal family sent another F1, known as chassis #008, to Woking in February. The McLaren F1 GT was the final incarnation of the road car and was built as a homologation special for the BPR Global GT Series and the FIA GT Championship. The F1 GT features the same extended rear bodywork as the F1 GTR, as well as extra front louvers and widened wheel arches. The F1 GT weighs 44 pounds lighter than the standard F1 car and has a top speed of over 240 mph, so it's definitely worth keeping alive.

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