Bruno Senna To Race For Renault At Spa


More driver changes at Renault mean a second chance for Bruno Senna.

Renault has just announced that they will be changing their driver lineup yet again, and now the nephew of the legendary Ayrton Senna will be racing alongside Vitaly Petrov. Bruno Senna will be replacing Nick Heidfeld, who was himself filling in for Robert Kubuca, who was injured in a rally crash and has been forced to sit out this season. This can't have been good news for Heidfeld, who was actually doing better than Petrov, but such is the life of a substitute.

Senna hasn't exactly had a spectacular start to his F1 career thus far. One could argue that this had more to do with other problems at Hispania Racing Team than it did with his driving, but the fact remains that Heidfeld has been replaced by a driver who has yet to score a single point. We're still hoping it works out, it would be a shame to see that last name go to waste.

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