Brutal Kahn Vengeance Growls On English Track

Is this still just a riced out Aston DB9?

Eversince Kahn Design presented its vision for the WB12 Vengeance, it'sbeen causing quite a stir – especially among owners and fans of Aston Martincars. That's because it's based on the Aston DB9 and shares mostof its mechanical elements, while sporting an aggressive new design including awide coach-built aluminum body and a mean new grille. But with the support ofAM itself as well as the use of its donor 510 hp V12 engine, the Vengeance seemsto be getting off the ground and ready to meet the few owners who will be ableto buy one.

And from the looks and sounds of this teaser video filmed at England's MillbrookProving ground, this exclusive club is going to include 20 very satisfied drivers.

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