Bufori MKVI Geneva to Make Asian Debut at the Beijing Auto Show


The Malaysian-based carmaker expects China to be fertile ground for growing their brand.

Carmaker Bufori, a Malaysian outfit specializing in custom cars inspired by 1930s American coupes, has announced that the Geneva luxury saloon, which launched at 2010's Geneva Motor Show, will make its Asian debut at the Beijing Auto Show later this month. The debut coincides with the opening of a 300sqm flagship showroom in Shanghai's fashionable Xintiandi district, which has space for three handmade Bufori models, a coffee bar and customization studio.

Plans are already underway for other dealerships in the country including Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. The Bufori MKVI Geneva features a classically styled body design, packed with the latest gadgets and features. Nestled in the ultra-luxury saloon segment, power comes from a 6.1-liter engine producing 430hp and 432lb-ft of torque. It can race to 62mph in under six seconds and reach a 162mph top speed. The car also boasts electronic rear-hinged coach doors and an opulent interior. "Since the launch in 2010 we have refined and added more features and technologies to the car.

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For the show, we are very proud to showcase Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay's personal car, which we were commissioned by his family to specially build for his 80th birthday. Tan Sri Yeoh, founder of YTL Corporation, is a Bufori supporter and a connoisseur of the finest things in life and it is our honour to be able to create this masterpiece to add to his collection of cars," said Gerry Khouri, Managing Director and co-Founder of Bufori.