Bugatti 16C Galibier Super Sedan Concept Artistically Rendered

Macedonian graphic designer adjusts his rendered designs of the super-sedan concept.

Graphic designer Dejan Hristov has updated his collection of rendered images of Bugatti's super-sedan concept, which come courtesy of World Car Fans. "The design has several innovative solutions that are shown and explained in the drawings. For example, the headlights which are hidden behind a panel when not in use, a pair of large Gullwing-style doors that negate the need for a B pillar offering an easier access to the interior, rear spoiler which is also the rear windshield cover," Hristov said of his renderings.

Latest reports on the progression of the 16C Galibier concept, which was first presented in 2010, suggest Bugatti is currently redesigning the concept to make it more comfortable and stylish, and that we should not expect to see it until 2015.

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