Bugatti Already Has Some Awesome Plans For The Chiron

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And here's one of them.

It hasn't even made its official debut and already details about Bugatti's plans for the Chiron are beginning to come out. This latest bit of news comes to us today from Dutch car news source Autovisie, and it wouldn't surprise us if it proves to be accurate. Supposedly, Bugatti is planning to launch a targa top variant of the Chiron sometime in 2018. The Chiron coupe will obviously arrive first. But what we're being told about the targa variant is that it'll feature removable carbon fiber roof panels along with a "T-bar" connecting the windshield to the rear end.

What's the reason for that feature? We're guessing it's due to maintaining the car's rigidity at high speeds. Being capable of a top speed of around 311 mph does have its engineering requirements. As of now, just 500 examples of the Chiron are planned, and it's a good bet to assume that number includes all upcoming special editions as well as the T-bar. We'll be finding out plenty more about the Chiron in the weeks and months ahead leading up to its Geneva debut in March.

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