Limited Edition

Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs Same as a Porsche 911

Is $84,000 too much for an accessory?

Roland Iten's Geneva-based boutique works in precious metals and uses Swiss watch-making equipment to create the finest belt buckles money can buy, one of which is a Bugatti model. Limited to 44 units, the buckle comes in three styles and is mechanically adjustable, allowing for an exact fit and micro adjustments around the waistline. The Calibre R22 Mark I Bugatti Edition is currently available in white or rose gold and comes priced at 75,000 Swiss francs.

That's the current equivalent to around $84,000 or the price of a base Porsche 911. Nods to the million-dollar supercar - on what you could call the Bugatti of belt buckles - can be seen on the front, where the crystals imitate the Veyron's engine vents. Like a Bugatti engine, Iten says the buckle has been precisely engineered using exactly 100 handcrafted components made of gold, titanium and stainless steel, with smoked sapphire crystals on the front offering a view of the internal mechanics. Each buckle takes nine months to make, and the third series, made of titanium and stainless steel, will go into production early next year.

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